Is MLG Antivirus a virus? Is MLG Antivirus a hoax? How legit is MLG Antivirus? Is MLG Antivirus real? There are lots of questions you can come across researching MLG Antivirus. Let’s find out more about it in this article.

Top 10 questions you might ask about MLG Antivirus

  • Where does MLG Antivirus come from?

The first time we heard about MLG Antivirus was in a video called MLG Antivirus. It was initially uploaded in 2015. Aside from that, it was mentioned in the Killing Dora series. There, the software could remove viruses and Dora OS.

  • What is MLG Antivirus based on?

MLG Antivirus is based on a YouTube video by Materialisimo. The video went viral and got millions of views. Now it’s also a meme.

  • Is there an operating system that comes with MLG Antivirus?

Alex OS is said to come with MLG Antivirus pre-installed.

  • What do Internet users think of MLG Antivirus?

Most of them think it’s a funny video. Also, they agree that it’s a virus.

  • How much does it cost to install MLG Antivirus?

The software doesn’t exist in real like and got popular due to a joke and a funny video.

  • Will MLG Antivirus ever be released?

Since the point of the video wasn’t to promote possible software, it’s unlikely the program will ever be written and released.

  • Is MLG Antivirus, in fact, a virus?

Some users state that trying to download MLG Antivirus brought them Trojan viruses. It’s always dangerous to download unknown files. We encourage you not to get it.

  • Does MLG Antivirus protect PC from viruses and malware?

No. MLG Antivirus exists only in the Killing Dora series and a YouTube video uploaded by Materialisimo. It’s not a real antivirus.

  • Are there people who shouldn’t try MLG Antivirus?

In fact, you shouldn’t try this game if you are prone to epilepsy or easily offended. It’s nothing more than a joke with lots of “viruses” moving all over your screen.

  • Who is Materialisimo?

Materialisimo is a Mexican YouTuber known for releasing MLG Antivirus video. It’s only 3:14 long but went viral. Later, the blogger released another version of the same video for Facebook.


All in all, you now know everything there is to know about MLG Antivirus. Despite the title, it has nothing to do with antivirus. On the contrary, people, who tried to download it from unreliable websites, ended up with Trojan viruses on their devices.

Be careful watching the video and avoid all sorts of schemes connected to it. The video was edited for fun and has no practical application.

In case you don’t have antivirus on your PC, you should pick a reliable solution from trustworthy companies like Avast, Bitdefender, Norton, etc. They are sure to keep your device safe whenever you are online or offline. Moreover, they deliver extra tools for your browsing activities including a firewall, a VPN, Ad-Blocker, and others.