ScanGuard is a rather controversial antivirus. There have been several reviews that it’s a scam. However, it’s not true. The problem is that the quality of the antivirus is very poor. There is a lot of space for improvement. Let’s get to know more about the program and define if it’s here to stay.

The highlights of ScanGuard

Regardless of all problems and issues, the program has several advantages. For example, a great user-friendly interface. It has a beautiful design and simple, convenient navigation. Even users without experience will quickly learn how to use it and access the need features.

Secondly, the main window has a color-corrected scheme. It means that if the antivirus works, the window is green. When it needs updates or actions, the color will change to red or yellow. Just click on the colored block to see what you need to do to fix things.

What’s more, the price tag is very affordable, too. Obviously, it’s not good enough to charge more. The newcomers also get discounts. So, in case you plan on getting it, look for a promotional offer.

Finally, the software has a few extra features in the bundle. They include a VPN, a firewall, parental control, a tune-up tool, etc. While a VPN is rather limited, it’s more than enough for everyday browsing. It serves as an extra layer of protection. A firewall has a two-wall feature.

The scanning options

Using ScanGuard, a user can pick one of the five scanning options:

  • Manual virus scan;
  • Registry startup scan;
  • USB virus scan;
  • Auto virus scan;
  • Scheduled scan.

The obvious drawbacks you should take into account

While the pricing policy is very affordable for newcomers, the next check might shock you. It’s several times bigger. Taking into account the quality, the price is too high. That’s why you should learn all about the payment details and remember to cancel if you are not ready to pay more. Keep in mind, that your subscription is auto-renewed, i.e. you need to cancel it. Just removing the software won’t do.

Another problem is the trial version. It seems suspicious to many users since lots of more reliable and popular antivirus programs have quite different free versions or a trial period. ScanGuard’s free version delivers only core protection and nothing else. It’s not going to be enough the moment you go online.

Other drawbacks are the lack of anti-spam, no game mode, etc.

It’s very difficult to decide how reliable this antivirus is since no independent testing labs tried the program. This has to change if the developer wants to stay in business. Moreover, it’ll prove to be a legit antivirus.


ScanGuard is not the best antivirus on the market. While it has some strong sides, there are lots of disadvantages and questions about the reliability of the software. If you are interested in trying it, you should. However, in case you look for something more trustworthy, skip this option.