Connect your phone to the Internet and experience a whole new world of TV. To do this, you can establish a wired connection to your router or create a wireless connection to a Wi-Fi network. Studies show that the overwhelming majority of the world’s inhabitants already have a smartphone or tablet in which we store our photos, videos, favorite games, and bookmarks to interesting Internet pages.

Ways to Connect a Mobile Gadget to a TV

Most modern mobile phones with the Android or iOS operating system have a powerful filling, providing the user with the functions of a full-fledged PC, as well as equipped with advanced cameras, which turns them into a real machine for making amateur photos and videos. Of course, all this simply requires the ability to connect to a TV to show family and friends your vacation photos and videos.

Quite reasonably, the question arises: how to watch all this on a big screen, TV, or projector, without unnecessary body movements? In other words, how to connect a phone through a TV and display the phone screen on the TV, and phone to tv adapter?

If the TV is connected to your home network, you can use your tablet to view smartphone photos and PC videos on the big screen, and even control the TV. If your TV is connected to the Internet, you can rent videos from a dedicated online store, read an electronic TV guide, or record your favorite TV shows on a USB hard drive.

With the application on your mobile device, you can manage your multimedia content. Stream music, photos, and videos to your big screen TV or watch any TV channel live on your smartphone or tablet. Open the TV Guide and program the recording for tomorrow. Your TV will do everything for you. With the app, everything is under your control. Adjust the volume as you like.

Connecting via HDMI

Some models of smartphones are equipped with mini-HDMI connectors, which are designed for direct connection to a TV. If there is no such connector, then you will need to purchase a special adapter (micro USB to HDMI). Now we do the following:

  1. Turn on the TV and select “HDMI” from the list of signal sources.
  2. We connect devices to each other.
  3. After that, the automatic adjustment of the picture quality will begin to match the resolution of your TV. If suddenly this did not happen, then go to the smartphone menu and indicate the desired resolution and image frequency.

Mounting the TV on the wall requires special skills and should only be done by a qualified technician. When wall mounting, you must comply with the safety requirements for the weight of the TV. Please read the safety precautions carefully before installing the TV.

If a USB hard drive is connected to the TV, you can pause and record digital TV broadcasts. By pausing viewing, you can answer a phone call or simply take a break from a sports match. The TV will save the broadcast to the USB hard drive so you can watch it later. You can also record digital broadcasts by connecting a USB hard drive. You can record while watching a program or schedule a recording.

Although the TV has an extremely low standby power consumption, unplug the power cord to save energy if you are not going to use the TV for a long time.